Anne Leon

My mum (Anne Leon) gave me many gifts for birthdays and christmases over the years but the gift of creativity and compassion was the greatest, and the best part of this is she shares it with everyone as if they are also her family. What an absolute ambassador of artistic knowledge and education! She is liberal and unwavering in her education which she gives in all things creative from ceramics to textiles and fine arts principles - emitting an undying generosity of knowledge in all things artistic. She's an old-school creative born in South Africa in the 50's and started her career in the 70's. She's been through it all and has been self employed her whole life. If you want an artist to look up to it's Anne Leon.

Check out this video we made of her plant dyeing on silk with leaves and flowers! This technique is most popularly used for repurposing the flowers & leaves used in wedding ceremonies and bouquets after the event. She produces an item that is imbued with the love and energy from the wedding.

With a Diploma in Fine Art and a love of textiles, Anne Leon has led a rich artistic career spanning over 44 years.  Her vast experience encompasses screen, lino and block printing, hand painting, marbling, batik, Shibori, and natural plant dying. 

Anne Leon’s fabric design studio produces custom hand-printed paper and textiles on a range of fabrics from fine silk to cotton, hemp, wool and furnishing canvas.

"Anne Leon Design's natural dyeing process presents a collection that celebrates the delicate and unique beauty of nature, using innovative plant dyeing techniques. This hand crafted range of exquisite scarves and flowing garments are made from the finest wools and silks. Wrap, drape, cover and luxuriate in these beautiful textiles, each piece a unique work of art, signed by nature." - Anne Leon

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