Bernie Gooley Under The Spotlight

Painter. Tech Artist. Designer.

Meeting Bernie for the first time was one of those random moments full of surprise and inspiration. In the cosy rural town of Bangalow I stopped at the local petrol station to fill up, so I was completely blindsided to be served by a young local artist full of drive and creative talent.

A couple years after meeting Bernie, we met up for a photo shoot and chats about his art and lifestyle from his studio and living space in Bangalow. The space is raw and full of character, architecturally designed with windows that flex the element of light inherently driving his creative constructions.

The Art

A selection of Bernie's art for sale in galleries and direct from the artist.

Our Review

His work is timeless & sophisticated, modernist & archaic - paradoxically at the same time - in it’s compositional execution, structural forms & line-work, bringing successful delivery of contrast and pop. This element of genius is echoed in the functionality of his work, with the flick of a switch his electrically wired art boxes morphing from carefully planned compositions on glass to vibrant art of luminous splendour.

The artist's tools are art in themselves

"St. Helena Sunset" (Set of 4) Mirrored Light Boxes - $7,000

About Bernie

Born in Melbourne, into a very strong close family unit I had a typically unconventional upbringing. I choose to repeatedly use ‘the man’ to play out the story of me. My life as an adventure.  

The Man is symbolic of me trying to fit in, assert myself into places, situations or scenes I feel I don’t belong. My use of vivid reds contrasted with dark shades of black and navy blue are used to evoke passionate emotions in the viewer, colours and patterns collide to reflect the world as I view it. 

The light from behind acts as a spotlight to add depth to this chaotic, yet beautiful life. 

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