Fund Raiser

We are raising money until the 28th of February 2021 to assist in the development of the business that’s all about art, representing artists & designers, and the arts community that we support through free Artist Features. If you would like to make a donation head over to the donate page here.

Artist Features

We reach out to artists of all disciplines and experience levels to feature them on the blog page of this site, and it’s totally free. Our artist & designer connections are either offered or they ask for an Artist Feature to be hosted on the site.

Whats's in an Artist Feature?

1. Article about the artist & their creative intentions.

2. The artist's bio and other info they want to share (500 words max).

3. A selection of their favourite photos, videos or music to showcase their work.

4. Contact details and links to all of their social media pages or websites.

Some of the artists are interviewed and have the opportunity to have a profile photo shoot. Our intention is to advocate for artists and bolster global listing potential and funnel extra web traffic so they can reach a wider audience, and have the opportunity to enhance their network in the arts community at the same time.

Knowledge Share

We share weekly creative techniques (hands on & digital) that are designed with an optimised user interface without any annoying ads. The skills augment the creative processes for artists and designers alike. From photography to design and painting techniques, and the integration of these disciplines as many creatives like to work this way - utilising photographic skills with painting for example.


Filming and editing of the creative processes in the form of stop-motion videos of art being produced to show others how to achieve certain outcomes & effects that are inspirational to our artist fans.

If you or anyone you know are interested in this offer then check out the website or just message us direct on Facebook or Instagram. Of course this service won’t always be free but right now it is. Things are getting busy with an ever-expanding list of Artist Features to manage, design & upload to the web so we need help to sustain this service in its fledgling stages. If you can help then we will all appreciate and benefit from your generosity, no matter the size of the donation.

View the current list of Artist Features here.

Check out the knowledge share and other info also from the blog page here.

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