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I met Heather in at my mother's house a couple years ago where she frequents for creative collaboration and the occasional white wine spritzer or two in the warm afternoons that our home region of "Bimby" (Mullumbimby NSW) offers to it’s people.

We have worked together on a range of projects from video editing to graphics and even 3D design. Heather is a visionary artist exhibiting a spectrum of talent and creative inspiration that would make a rainbow envious.

She has been around the block and the globe researching, networking and exhibiting her works with a keen drive and an inspirational light to share. Her approach to art is thoroughly planned for compositional accuracy and a sensitive approach to research that delivers creative applications that are intricate and playful.

- Maxi

Artist Story

I believe everyone has a story to tell…

This is mine.

When my high school art teacher told me I would never be an artist, I believed her. I couldn’t paint or draw realistically like my friends. So instead I became a journalist, a bookseller, a librarian, a playwright and an arts facilitator UNTIL I finally went to TAFE and started my art career twenty years later.

I rekindled my love of darkroom photography, revelled in printmaking and explored paper-making. I loved it all so much I then went to University and completed my Bachelor of Visual Arts with Honours.

I haven’t looked back.

Since then I’ve had a daily art practice making artworks every day, been an invited artist to present my work in Taiwan, undertaken artist residencies in France, Central Australia and Iceland and held numerous solo exhibitions and workshops. 

Travel is a big part of my artistic inspiration. In 2018 I created collaged postcards in a #91 days project on Instagram.

I hope I can inspire you to follow your creative dreams.

Every Sunday I write a blog post on my week in the studio,

and publish a monthly newsletter.

Heather Matthew


Kiss the Earth (with your feet), Bulgaria & QLD

Deluge, New South Wales

Notes de Terrain, France

1.5 degrees, Melbourne

Eco-Sublime, Taiwan

Open Huis, Iceland

Fire & Ice

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Heather Matthew

Paper Artist & Creativity Mentor

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