Kat Van Rooyen - Photographer & Videographer


Sitting across from each other at the high-chair section in a Mullumbimby local bistro, both of us completely unaware that the person to our side for the last 10 minutes was who we came to meet with. We chatted about art, photography, business and the intensions we have for the goals in our futures.


Kat has a soft energy that is warm and welcoming, and this is reflected in the independent work she produces. It is also apparent in the videos that she films and edits through client direction. Even some of her punchy compositions present these undertones to her audience from beneath the surface of the visual.


Her versatility in videography and editing is inspirational, and as she tells me - there’s an evolution on the way. The projections for the future of her video stories is that of true self-expression with a flavour that is focused and driven from the current of life and emotion within.

Check out the powerful production below to see her talents in action.


After connecting with Kat and viewing some of her productions online it is clear that Kat is in the midst of an exciting new chapter in the world of the audio visual.

- Review by M. Lyons


K a t V a n R o o y e n

Mullumbimby NSW Australia

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