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Meeting with Madelaine was an absolute pleasure. She’s positive and bubbly with a genial nature and humble disposition. The photo shoot was easy, her deep blue eyes making friends with the camera just as they are akin to the pencil and paper she dedicates her passion.

From the stars she subjects of musicians and actors, Madelaine’s talent in portraiture is depicting her as a rising star in her own right. Only 23 and already flexing drawing skills that will stun and amaze you.

Her medium of choice is predominantly charcoal, however she occasionally uses splashes of colour in skilful boldness for impact and characterisations.

Madelaine’s technique is strong and accurate, with shading techniques that elegantly depict a range of textures, reflection and tone of skin. Even dark skin tones are drawn with exceptional skill to show reflection and shine.

- Review by M. Lyons

Artist's Story

My name is Madelaine Carruthers, and I am a northern rivers local artist and student. Since 2017 I have been running Creative Madelaine Carruthers (formerly 'Just One Pencil'), my personal art business, where I share my love for drawing through creative practice, and custom commissions.

I specialise in portraits of people, and occasionally animals. I am very lucky to have been able to create some memorable gifts for customers, bringing to life their loved pets and family members through pencil & paper.

My personal practice is an extension of my commissioned work, where I draw portraits inspired by pop culture, music, celebrities, and fashion.

I am currently studying Digital Media and Communications at southern cross in Lismore, and hope to use my love for art in print and digital design in the future, as a graphic designer. I have been given many opportunities to work with local businesses and groups to create digital artworks and designs for their advertising and branding.

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