MLA Update September 2020

We are happy to share some cool NEW features & updates to the Maximilian Lyons Art© website as we head towards the final months of 2020 and ushering those great holiday times.

New Features:

• Many new artworks have been added to the site which were not here before. All the artworks featured on this site were not for sale originally. Well they are now for sale, and with christmas on the approach it's a great time to buy some art!

• Due to popular demand we have added a downloadable PDF with technical specifications on all the art. Click here to Download the PDF now, it gives you essential information about all artworks' technical specifications, purchasing, commissioning & delivery.

• The website's user interface has been refined for a more streamlined experience and integrated functionality with a simplified menu. There's also a new addition to the menu as a lot of the art lovers who have seen the work here have requested specifications about the artworks which can be found in the Spec Sheet PDF.

• The newsletter subscription has been discontinued and replaced by an additional blog category called 3rd Eye. This will be the place to go for learning about creativity, website updates and other information that we share with the community. The removal of the subscription form has also been supplemented with a simple contact form for when you need to contact the artist directly.


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