Sharla La

A gypsy queen with a big heart and strong will, Sharla prefers to use chalk and oil pastels on paper and card, but she doesn't discriminate in her choice of creative exploits. Her style is vibrant and emotional, subjecting human faces and bodies with a surreal palettes, advanced shading techniques with expressionist lines & form. Sharla regularly frequents the streets in the Northern Rivers' towns to give her art to the people. She creates stunning artworks with chalk pastels on the footpaths for all of us to enjoy in their ethereal beauty.

"Art. Making art. Living. Breathing. Being art. Colour and contrasts reach into my mind and rearrange the settings there, reweaving my emotional energy and re-focusing my reality. I bring illumination and colour to darkness, and this gives wonderful profound purpose to my darkness, turning it from madness into magik. This is what my art is for me."

- Sharla La

Many of Sharla's works are for sale.

She can be reached via her Instagram listing: @sharlalalaland.


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